What You Know

Photo courtesy of Genius

At the time of this writing, Kiana Fitzgerald is in the midst of figuring out who and what she is, and where she wants to be. It's a time unlike any other, but there's nothing like revisiting the past to trace new steps toward the future.

Most recently, Kiana spent her days as a music journalist and DJ. A native Texan, she moved to New York City in 2015 to more actively pursue her dreams of rejuvenating hip-hop journalism and fine-tuning the genre's curation.

Her work has appeared in Rolling Stone, NPR, The Fader, Complex, Bitch Media, Brooklyn Magazine, Saint Heron, Uproxx, and other digital and print publications.

In 2011, Kiana earned a bachelor's in print journalism from Texas State University. She quite honestly didn't know what to do with that degree after graduating, so she went right back to Texas State, where she received a master's in new media in mass communication in 2013.

Aside from writing and DJing, Kiana has worked as a social media manager/strategist, podcast producer/guest host/panelist, culture commentator, office receptionist, and web developer.

She can do anything — and so can you.